roll the dice

Everytime you need to roll the dice in our game – I want you to use Evil DM Dice Roller

Here is an example:
Evil dm dice example

Make sure you put the GM’s email address as one of the addresses.

Also ensure you give details on what the roll is for in each dice line (on the end).
e.g. ‘Initiative’ or ‘Melee Attack’ or ‘Perception’

In the comments section describe what the roll is for. e.g. ‘Perform check for a stupendous performance’ and any relevant things that will adjust the roll.
e.g. Using Deadly Aim -1 attack, +2 damage.

You do not need to include how the base skill bonus was calculated, e.g. Class Skill +3, 5 ranks, bonus from feat, as we assume you have totaled these correctly already on your character sheet. Only include anything that will adjust this skill value, e.g. feats, extraordinary/supernatural powers.

For every roll, if you include all relevant details, the easiest thing to do will be to copy and paste that into your OOC part of your post. Please treat that as the expected convention – we will all learn more by seeing how we all use our varied skills/feats/clever minds to accomplish our goals in-game.

I want to support dice rolling this way not as a matter of trust, its removing trust as a consideration ;) It also makes it easier to track what has happened and pre-configuring your rolls WILL save a ton of time.

I may sometimes roll on your behalf and ‘cc’ you on the results as well.

Highly recommend configuring and SAVING the following die rolls:
Combat rolls including initiative, melee attack, melee damage, range attack, range damage
Full combat rounds of attack for those of you with multiple attacks already.

Any other common rolls you expect to make (like perception/knowledge checks you think you might use often)

Remember to post the rolls using the appropriate format; Character Post or Combat Post.

roll the dice

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