Posting Guidelines

Making posts aka taking turns

A quick guide on posting to play

When we are not in combat the typical order of events will be:

  1. GM to describe location/situation. GM may also have characters do something if they feel appropriate – I’d prefer people develop a comfort level with this, but speak up if you really want to control all your players actions/discussions etc.
  2. Each player will have the opportunity to describe their character starting to take an intended action. Please include options/dice rolls/queries as appropriate after the ‘in character’ text. Refer to this template/example for suggested character post format.
  3. Players waiting for others to post can have their PC’s interact with each other for fun and story/character development (where this makes sense. Don’t go on a 4 day conversation if another character is attempting to pick a lock and we are just waiting for one last player to post)
  4. GM will summarise the outcome of all desired character actions, add some flavour and set the scene for the next round of posting.

NB: Maintaining a nice momentum is key to success of Play by Post type games. Posters who take too long to get back on board when everyone else has posted, may have their character actions taken by the GM. Such instances will be in-line with the characters typical behaviour.

When we are in combat the typical order of events will be:

  1. Refer to combat map (I’ll include links) for position of all PC’s, NPC’s and enemies.
  2. Status of each character (hit points remaining any spell effects etc) will be tracked on character sheets AND markers on the map. (characters to maintain their sheets, GM to maintain map and marker information)
  3. Initiative order and the round of combat preceding this round (if there is one) will be described by the GM. (I’ll typically put a yellow marker on map with the initative list if that helps)
  4. Each player to post their intended actions for the next round of combat, in-character obviously – but include relevant dice rolls if possible. Refer to this template/example for suggested combat posting format. Attempt to include scenarios, ‘If this happens I’ll do this – otherwise i’ll do something else (describe something else!)"
  5. GM to determine NPC actions and finalize outcomes of the round of combat. Where initiative order is important and a characters actions will no longer make sense the GM may request characters to re-post new intentions. Where possible the GM will attempt to make decisions on behalf of PC’s for the sake of keeping the game going. GM will update map and character status items (players to take over this in time…)
  6. Back to 1.

Posting Guidelines

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